1. puute, vika, vajavaisuus

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Bar codes have other 'shortcomings' as well. If a label is ripped or soiled or has fallen off, there is no way to scan the item.



  1. epäedullinen asema, heikkous, puute, vajavuus, vika.

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vika, vajavuus, puute deficiency
2013, Daniel Taylor, Rickie Lamberts debut goal gives England victory over Scotland (in The Guardian'', 14 August 2013)

They were behind twice, first to James Morrison's 11th-minute strike and then Kenny Miller's effort early in the second half. England responded with goals of their own from Theo Walcott and Daniel Welbeck and, on the balance of play, probably deserved the victory. On the flip-side, they could conceivably have lost because of their various shortcomings in defence. They also have a goalkeeper, Joe Hart, who is a danger to his own team on nights like these.


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