1. sananvalta

  2. (korttipeli) vuoro, puheet

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  1. honottaa, osoittaa, näyttää, ilmaista, sanoa, välittää, viestiä, lausua, artikuloida, esittää, ääntää.

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viestiä puhekieltä To pronounce.


puhekieltä To recite.
To tell, either verbally or in writing.
To indicate in a written form.
puhekieltä To have a common expression; (non-gloss definition).
1815, w:George Gordon Byron, 6th Baron Byron|George Gordon Byron, ''q:The Hebrew Melodies/They say that Hope is happiness|The Hebrew Melodies/They say that Hope is happiness:
They say that Hope is happiness; But genuine Love must prize the past.
1819, Great Britain Court of Chancery, Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in the High Court of Chancery, page 8:
It is said, a bargain cannot be set aside upon inadequacy only.
1841, Christopher Marshall, The Knickerbocker (New-York Monthly Magazine), page 379:
It’s said that fifteen wagon loads of ready-made clothes for the Virginia troops came to, and stay in, town to-night.
puhekieltä Let's say; used to mark an example, supposition or hypothesis.
1984, (w), Money: a suicide note
I've followed Selina down the strip, when we're shopping, say, and she strolls on ahead, wearing sawn-off jeans and a wash-withered T-shirt(..)
puhekieltä To speak; to express an opinion; to make answer; to reply.
(w) (1564-1616)
You have said; but whether wisely or no, let the forest judge.
(w) (1608-1674)
To this argument we shall soon have said; for what concerns it us to hear a husband divulge his household privacies?
puhekieltä To bet as a wager on an outcome; (non-gloss definition).
(quote-book)|title=(w)|page=192|passage='My fifty pounds says three months after the invasion there'll be a free press in Iraq, and unmonitored internet access too.'


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