1. käänteinen, päinvastainen



  1. taaksepäin suuntautuva, taaksepäinen, käännetty, käänteinen, päinvastainen, vastakkainen, kääntöpuoli, klaava, takapuoli, puoli.

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päinvastainen, vastakkainen


vaihtaa päinvastaiseksi

opposite Opposite, contrary; going in the opposite direction. (defdate)

We ate the meal in reverse order, starting with dessert and ending with the starter.

The mirror showed us a reverse view of the scene.

Pertaining to engines, vehicle movement etc. moving in a direction opposite to the usual direction. (defdate)

He selected reverse gear.

puhekieltä To be in the non-default position; to be set for the lesser-used route.
Turned upside down; greatly disturbed.
He found the sea diverse / With many a windy storm reverse.
puhekieltä Reversed.

a reverse shell

puhekieltä In which cDNA synthetization is obtained from an RNA template.
puhekieltä In a reverse way or direction; upside-down. (defdate)
(RQ:Mlry MrtArthr), Bk.XVIII:
they three smote hym at onys with their spearys, and with fors of themselff they smote Sir Launcelottis horse revers to the erthe.
1963, Donal Serrell Thomas, Points of Contact:
The man was killed to feed his image fat / Within this pictured world that ran reverse, / Where miracles alone were ever plain.
The opposite of something. (defdate)

We believed the Chinese werent ready for us. In fact, the reverse was true.''

The act of going backwards; a reversal. (defdate)
By a reverse of fortune, Stephen becomes rich.
A piece of misfortune; a setback. (defdate)
1990, (w), The Great Game, Folio Society 2010, p. 309:
In fact, though the Russians did not yet know it, the British had met with a reverse.
The tails side of a coin, or the side of a medal or badge that is opposite the obverse. (defdate)
The side of something facing away from a viewer, or from what is considered the front; the other side. (defdate)
The gear setting of an automobile that makes it travel backwards. (defdate)
A thrust in fencing made with a backward turn of the hand; a backhanded stroke.


puhekieltä A turn or fold made in bandaging, by which the direction of the bandage is changed.
puhekieltä To turn something around such that it faces in the opposite direction.
puhekieltä To turn something inside out or upside down.
Sir W. Temple
A pyramid reversed may stand upon his point if balanced by admirable skill.
puhekieltä To transpose the positions of two things.
puhekieltä To change totally; to alter to the opposite.
Reverse the doom of death.
Sir Walter Scott
She reversed the conduct of the celebrated vicar of Bray.
puhekieltä To return, come back.
1590, Edmund Spenser, The Faerie Queene, III.4:
Bene they all dead, and laide in dolefull herse? / Or doen they onely sleepe, and shall againe reuerse?
puhekieltä To turn away; to cause to depart.
And that old dame said many an idle verse, / Out of her daughter's heart fond fancies to reverse.
puhekieltä To cause to return; to recall.
And to his fresh remembrance did reverse / The ugly view of his deformed crimes.
puhekieltä To revoke a law, or to change a decision into its opposite.

to reverse a judgment, sentence, or decree

puhekieltä To cause a mechanism or a vehicle to operate or move in the opposite direction to normal.
puhekieltä To change the direction of a reaction such that the products become the reactants and vice-versa.
puhekieltä To place a set of points in the reverse position
puhekieltä to move from the normal position to the reverse position
To overthrow; to subvert.
Alexander Pope
These can divide, and these reverse, the state.
Custom (..) reverses even the distinctions of good and evil.
(inflection of)
(es-verb form of)


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