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englanti (monikko) question|lang=en
A game in which players must only say questions, and if they don't they lose. Below is an example of how to play.

A: Do you know the time?

B: Can you wait a second while I look for my watch?

A: Can't you just look at the clock?

B: Where's the clock?

A: What clock?

B: Do you mean the clock on the wall or the one by the door?

A: What door?

B: Can you turn around to see the door?

A: Turn around like this?

B: Are there any other ways to turn around?

A: Can you tell me the time yet?

B: Do you want it the 12-hour or 24-hour format?

A: Do you think I care?

B: What does this number on my watch say?

A: Can't you read numbers?

B: Do you want to know the time or not?

A: Of course I do!

B: Yes, I've just won!

A: You've won what?

B: I've won questions!

A: Ha, that time I won. One all! Game on!

(en-third-person singular of)
(monikko) question|lang=fr


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