1. väliliha

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  1. alue, väliliha.

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väliliha puhekieltä The region between the anus and the vagina in women and between the scrotum and anus in men.
1827, Guys Hospital: Case of Fistula in Perineo, Successfully Treated, The Lancet'', Volume 12, page 61,

He was attacked with complete retention of urine, after a debauch, and six weeks afterwards an abscess formed in the perineum, which eventually burst, leaving a fistulous opening, through which the urine continued to be discharged to the period of his admission into the Hospital.
2005, Brian J. Moran, 27: Using the perineal pressure applicator device, Adam P. Dicker, Gregory S. Merrick, Frank M. Waterman, Richard K. Valicenti, Leonar G. Gomella (editors), Basic and Advanced Techniques in Prostate Brachytherapy, page 251,
The prostate is surrounded by venous plexi and the perineum has a rich blood supply.
2011, Ian Lyons, Biomedical Science: Lecture Notes, page 371,
The perineum is diamond shaped and stretches from the pubic symphysis to the coccyx.
puhekieltä (l)
English perineum


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