1. seuraava

  2. ensi, merkityksessä seuraava kts. myös first

  3. lähin

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  1. seuraava, ensi, lähellä oleva, lähellä, vierekkäinen, viereinen, rinnakkainen, tuleva, saapuva, voimaantuleva.

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seuraava, ensi

viereinen Following in a sequence.
Being closer to the present location than all other items.
Nearest following (of date, time, space or order).


puhekieltä Following in a hypothetical sequence of some kind.
(quote-journal)You patriotic?" / "I guess so, as much as the next guy," I said, wondering how the hell I could shake him.
The one immediately following the current or most recent one

Next week would be a good time to meet.

Ill know better next time.''

Closest to seven days (one week) in the future.

The party is next Tuesday; that is, not this Tuesday, but nine days from now.

In a time, place or sequence closest or following.

They live in the next closest house.

Its the next best thing to ice cream.''

Next, we stripped off the old paint.

On the first subsequent occasion,

Financial panic, earthquakes, oil spills, riots. What comes next?

When we next meet, youll be married.''

On the side of; next to.
1900, The Iliad, edited, with apparatus criticus, prolegomena, notes, and appendices, translated by Walter Leaf (London, Macmillan), notes on line 558 of book 2:
The fact that the line cannot be original is patent from the fact that Aias in the rest of the Iliad is not encamped next the Athenians (..).
The one that follows after this one.

Next, please, dont hold up the queue!

A bride price (among Kurds, customarily given to the family of the bride by the family of the groom)

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