1. naamio



  1. peite, valepuku, valeasu, domino, hupullinen naamiaisviitta, naamio, naamari, peittää, pukea naamari, naamioitua.

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Liittyvät sanat: maskara, maskata, maskeeraaja, maskeerata, maski, maskotti.




naamari, naamio


verhota A cover, or partial cover, for the face, used for disguise or protection.

a dancers mask; a fencer's mask; a ball player's mask''

That which disguises; a pretext or subterfuge.
A festive entertainment of dancing or other diversions, where all wear masks; a masquerade


(rfdat) w:John Milton|John Milton:
This thought might lead me through the world's vain mask.
A person wearing a mask.
G. W. Cable
the mask that has the arm of the Indian queen
puhekieltä A dramatic performance, formerly in vogue, in which the actors wore masks and represented mythical or allegorical characters.
puhekieltä A grotesque head or face, used to adorn keystones and other prominent parts, to spout water in fountains, and the like; -- called also mascaron.
puhekieltä In a permanent fortification, a redoubt which protects the caponiere.
puhekieltä A screen for a battery
puhekieltä The lower lip of the larva of a dragonfly, modified so as to form a prehensile organ.
puhekieltä A ceremonial object used in Puebloan kachina cults that resembles a Euro-American masks. (The term is objected as an appropriate translation by Puebloan peoples as it emphasizes imitation but ignores power and representational intent.)
puhekieltä A pattern of bits used in bitwise operations; bitmask.
puhekieltä A two-color (black and white) bitmap generated from an image, used to create transparency in the image.
(context) The head of a fox, shown face-on and cut off immediately behind the ears.
puhekieltä To cover, as the face, by way of concealment or defense against injury; to conceal with a mask or visor.
(rfdat) Shakespeare, Merry Wives of Windsor, IV,vi:
They must all be masked and vizarded
puhekieltä To disguise; to cover; to hide.
(rfdat) Shakespeare, Macbeth, III-i:
Masking the business from the common eye
puhekieltä To conceal; also, to intervene in the line of.
puhekieltä To cover or keep in check.

to mask a body of troops or a fortess by a superior force, while some hostile evolution is being carried out

puhekieltä To take part as a masker in a masquerade
puhekieltä To wear a mask; to be disguised in any way
puhekieltä To set or unset (certain bits, or binary digits, within a value) by means of a bitmask.
1993, Richard E. Haskell, Introduction to computer engineering (page 287)
That is, the lower nibble (the 4 bits 1010 = A) has been masked to zero. This is because ANDing anything with a zero produces a zero, while ANDing any bit with a 1 leaves the bit unchanged(..)
puhekieltä To disable (an interrupt, etc.) by unsetting the associated bit.
1998, Rick Grehan, ‎Robert Moote, ‎Ingo Cyliax, Real-time programming: a guide to 32-bit embedded development
When should you mask a specific interrupt, rather than disabling all interrupts?
A mesh.
puhekieltä The mesh of a net; a net; net-bag.
puhekieltä mash Mash.
puhekieltä To mash.
puhekieltä puhekieltä To mix malt with hot water to yield wort.
puhekieltä To prepare tea in a teapot; alternative to brew.
puhekieltä To bewilder; confuse.
(l); a cover designed to disguise or protect the face


  • maskaa: ehostaa : Sut pitää viel maskaa.


  • "KISS: Behind the mask (Maskin takaa)"

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