1. artefakti, teennös, esine, kirjanmerkki, korostuskynä, merkki, huopakynä, kirjoitusväline, jaardin merkki.

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An object used to mark a location.
Someone or something that marks.
One who keeps account of a game played, as of billiards.
A counter used in card games and other games.
The soldier who forms the pilot of a wheeling column, or marks the direction of an alignment.
An attachment to a sewing machine for marking a line on the fabric by crease creasing it.
A real or virtual objective, something to be aimed for.
2013, Phil McNulty, " Man City 4-1 Man Utd", BBC Sport, 22 September 2013:
Pellegrini insisted this was a game City had to win - this they did and with the sort of performance that put down a marker for how the Chilean wants his team to play.
A felt-tipped pen.


puhekieltä Marks of ink left by this type of pen.
puhekieltä A signed note of a debt to be paid.
puhekieltä A nonmonetary debt owed to someone, especially in return for a favor.

We may not be able to do this alone. Maybe it’s time to call in some of our markers.

puhekieltä A device that fires a paintball.
A defending player who stays close to an opponent in order to mark them.
puhekieltä A player employed by a private club and available to compete against members.
1903 Eustace Miles Racquets, tennis, and squash p.39 (New York: Appleton & Co.)
The Court itself, with its rent, the wages of the Marker and the tips to the Marker, the rackets and the balls, the baths and the flannels and the washing of the flannels, do much to account for the costliness of play.
1904 "Squash and Racquets" in Frederick George Aflalo ed. The sportsmans book for India'' p.519 (London: Horace Marshall & Son)
Some of the native markers attain to great skill, and the brilliant success in London of " Jamsetjee " the Bombay professional affords sufficient testimony to their capabilities.
1904 "A Foreign Resident" (George Washburn Smalley and Thomas Hay Sweet Escott) "Where Wit, Wealth and Empire Meet" Society in the new reign p.76 (London: T Fisher Unwin)
Of his victories over the curate at this game he is as proud as are others of his sex and cloth, not being old maids, of their mastery of "side" at billiards, and of an occasional victory over the club marker at evens.
A gene or DNA sequence with a known location on a chromosome that can be used to identify individuals or species.
(In competition law) A recognition given by a competition authority that a company is the first to approach it to reveal the existence of a cartel, as a prelude to a formal application for leniency for the company.
To mark or write on (something) using a Noun marker
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(plural indefinite of)
(imperative of)
(inflection of) (Etymologies 1 & 2)
(form of)
(indefinite plural of) (Etymology 2)
marker pen, sharpie
puhekieltä device that fires a paintball


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