1. mytologia jumalissa, ihmisissä, eläimissä ja esineissä piileväksi uskottu persoonaton yliluonnollinen voima, väki.

Katso myös: mana (2), kuolema, väki


yks. nom. mana, yks. gen. manan, yks. part. manaa, yks. ill. manaan, monikossa: mon. gen. manojen manain, monikossa: mon. part. manoja, monikossa: mon. ill. manoihin.



  1. loppu, kuolema, surma.

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englanti power Power, prestige; specifically, a form of supernatural energy in Polynesian religion that inheres in things or people. (defdate)
(quote-book) &91; page 12&93; They further required that a certain number of the old Chiefs should be liberally pensioned by the Government, and placed upon a footing of equality with European gentlemen of independent means, in consideration of their resigning their "mana" as Chiefs in favor of the new system; (..)
1971, w:Keith Thomas (historian)|Keith Thomas, Religion and the Decline of Magic: Studies in Popular Beliefs in 16th and 17th Century England, London: (w), (w) 71368859; republished London: (w), 2012, (w) 805007047, page 193:
But in popular estimation their essential virtue derived from the personal mana of the sovereign.
(quote-book) One can speak of the mana of a warrior, the mana of a woman leader, the mana of a child prodigy.
(quote-book)|month=September|year=2001|page=61|isbn=978-99909-55-15-6|passage=Among the Maori sovereignty was the result of mana—power based on hereditary rank and personal achievement. Manas could coexist and overlap, as they did in the medieval times in Europe.
(quote-book)|year=2012|isbn=978-1-77550-012-4|passage=On a number of occasions in recent years apologies have been offered to Māori because of past offences to their mana and invasions of their rights as tangata whenua.
puhekieltä magical Magical power.
(quote-newsgroup) Teleporting from an open room where there were a dozen black orcs firing bows (..) landed me, low on mana and hitpoints, in a room full of gnome mages who instantly summoned four umber hulks and a xorn!
(alternative form of).
(alternative spelling of).
sorry, pardon (gloss)
(ca-verb form of)
death, Death (gloss)
English mana


religious power
to dare (qualifier)
puhekieltä English mana
where, which
portent, sign
attitude, outlook
(ja-romanization of)
(inflection of)
(lv-inflection of)
(qualifier)'' (lv-inflection of)
where (incomplete without (m), (m) or (m))
which (used with (m))
power; English mana

2006, Joanne Barker, Sovereignty Matters, page 208:

In 1979 a gathering of elders at the Waananga kaumatua affirmed te reo Maori “Ko te reo te mauri o te mana Maori” the language is the life principle of Maori mana.

puhekieltä sister
divine authority
fault, defect, shortcoming
(es-verb form of)
to encourage or urge someone
to inherit
respect given in accordance to power


  • ruoka


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