1. malli, merkki

  2. teko, valmiste

Esimerkkejä make sanan käytöstä:

What 'make' of car is this?

:Minkä 'merkki'nen tämä auto on?

It seems to be of solid 'make'.

:Tuntuu olevan tukevaa 'tekoa'.

It is of German 'make'.

:Se on saksalaista 'tekoa'.

Katso myös: make-up, meikki, hunajainen

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  1. säilöä, valmistaa, puhdistaa, määrätä, säätää, asettaa, arvioida, arvata, approksimoida, estimoida, tehdä päätelmä, olla jtak mieltä, ajatella, tulkita, saada aikaan, aiheuttaa, kokata, laittaa, tehdä.

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Liittyvät sanat: make-up, makea, makeahko, makeankipeä, makeasti, makeavetinen.







asettaa puhekieltä To create.
To construct or produce.


(RQ:WBsnt IvryGt)
Thus, when he drew up instructions in lawyer language, he expressed the important words by an initial, a medial, or a final consonant, and made scratches for all the words between; his clerks, however, understood him very well.
(quote-book)|chapter=7|title= Mr. Pratt's Patients
I made a speaking trumpet of my hands and commenced to whoop “Ahoy!” and “Hello!” at the top of my lungs. … The Colonel woke up, and, after asking what in brimstone was the matter, opened his mouth and roared “Hi!” and “Hello!” like the bull of Bashan.
(quote-magazine)|title= T time
Yet in “Through a Latte, Darkly”, a new study of how Starbucks has largely avoided paying tax in Britain, Edward Kleinbard(..)shows that current tax rules make it easy for all sorts of firms to generate what he calls “stateless income”:(nb..). In Starbucks’s case, the firm has in effect turned the process of making an expensive cup of coffee into intellectual property.
To write or compose.
To bring about.
puhekieltä To create as, earth, heaven, stars, etc.
1460-1500, The Towneley Playsː
I see that it is good; now make we man to our likeness, that shall be keeper of mere & leas(ow), of fowls and fish in flood.
puhekieltä To behave, to act.
puhekieltä To tend; to contribute; to have effect; with for or against.
(w) (1822-1888)
It makes for his advantage.
(w), (w) xiv.19:
Follow after the things which make for peace.
(w) (c.1564–1616)
Considerations infinite / Do make against it.
To constitute.
2014, A teacher, " Choosing a primary school: a teacher's guide for parents", The Guardian, 23 September:
So if your prospective school is proudly displaying that "We Are Outstanding" banner on its perimeter fence, well, that is wonderful … but do bear in mind that in all likelihood it has been awarded for results in those two subjects, rather than for its delivery of a broad and balanced curriculum which brings out the best in every child. Which is, of course, what makes a great primary school.

Style alone does not make a writer.
We made an odd party before the arrival of the Ten, particularly when the Celebrity dropped in for lunch or dinner. He could not be induced to remain permanently at Mohair because Miss Trevor was at Asquith, but he appropriated a Hempstead cart from the Mohair stables and made the trip sometimes twice in a day.
puhekieltä To interpret.
puhekieltä To bring into success.
(w) (1631-1700)
who makes or ruins with a smile or frown
puhekieltä To cause to be.


To cause to appear to be; to represent as.
(w) (c.1568-1645)
He is not that goose and that Valla would make him.
(RQ:Frgsn Zlnstn)
So this was my future home, I thought! Certainly it made a brave picture. I had seen similar ones fired-in on many a Heidelberg stein. Backed by towering hills,(..)a sky of palest Gobelin flecked with fat, fleecy little clouds, it in truth looked a dear little city; the city of one's dreams.
puhekieltä To cause (to do something); to compel (to do something).
In former days every tavern of repute kept such a room for its own select circle, a club, or society, of habitués, who met every evening, for a pipe and a cheerful glass.(..)Strangers might enter the room, but they were made to feel that they were there on sufferance: they were received with distance and suspicion.
puhekieltä To force to do.
puhekieltä To indicate or suggest to be.
puhekieltä To cover neatly with bedclothes.
puhekieltä To recognise, identify.
1939, (w), (w), Penguin 2011, p.33:
I caught sight of him two or three times and then made him turning north into Laurel Canyon Drive.
2004, George Nolfi et al., (w), Warner Bros. Pictures, 0:50:30:
Linus Caldwell: Well, she just made Danny and Yen, which means in the next 48 hours the three o' your pictures are gonna be in every police station in Europe.
2007 May 4, Andrew Dettmann et al., "Under Pressure", episode 3-22 of (w), 00:01:16:
David Sinclair: (qualifier) Almost at Seventh; I should have a visual any second now. (qualifier) Damn, that was close.Don Eppes: David, he make you?David Sinclair: No, I don't think so.
puhekieltä To arrive at a destination, usually at or by a certain time.
Sir (w) (1605-1682)
They that sail in the middle can make no land of either side.
puhekieltä To proceed (in a direction).


puhekieltä To cover (a given distance) by travelling. (defdate)
1918, (w), (w), Chapter VIII:
I made over twenty miles that day, for I was now hardened to fatigue and accustomed to long hikes, having spent considerable time hunting and exploring in the immediate vicinity of camp.
puhekieltä To move at (a speed). (defdate)
To appoint; to name.
1991, Bernard Guenée, Between Church and State: The Lives of Four French Prelates (ISBN 0226310329):
On November 15, 1396,(..)Benedict XIII made him bishop of Noyon;
puhekieltä To induct into the Mafia or a similar organization (as a made man).
1990, Nicholas Pileggi & Martin Scorsese, (w):
Jimmy Conway: They're gonna make him.
Henry Hill: Paulie's gonna make you?
puhekieltä To defecate or urinate.
puhekieltä To earn, to gain (money, points, membership or status).

(ux) twenty bucks playing poker last night.  They hope to make a bigger profit.  (nowrap) more than he does, and works longer hours than he does, but she still does most of the house-cleaning.  (nowrap) make the choir after his voice changed.  (nowrap) ten points in that game.

{{quote-journal|date=September 2, 2011|work=BBC
{{quote-journal|date=May 20, 2012|author=Nathan Rabin|work=The Onion AV Club
puhekieltä To pay, to cover (an expense); (non-gloss definition)
1889 May 1, Chief Justice (w), Pensacola & A. R. Co. v. State of Florida (judicial opinion), reproduced in The Southern Reporter, Volume 5, West Publishing Company, p.843:
Whether,(nb..), the construction of additional roads(..)would present a case in which the exaction of prohibitory or otherwise onerous rates may be prevented, though it result in an impossibility for some or all of the roads to make expenses, we need not say; no such case is before us.
2005, Yuvi Shmul and Ron Peltier, Make It Big with Yuvi: How to Buy Or Start a Small Business, the Best Investment, AuthorHouse, ISBN 1-4259-0021-6, p.67:
At first glance, you may be able to make rent and other overhead expenses because the business is doing well, but if sales drop can you still make rent?
2011, Donald Todrin, Successfully Navigating the Downturn, Entrepreneur Press, ISBN 1-59918-419-2, p.194:
So you can’t make payroll. This happens.(..)many business owners who have never confronted it before will be forced to deal with this most difficult matter of not making payroll.
puhekieltä To compose verses; to write poetry; to versify.


ca.1360-1387, (w), (w)
to solace him some time, as I do when I make
To enact; to establish.
1791, The (w):
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.
To develop into; to prove to be.
To form or formulate in the mind.
puhekieltä To act in a certain manner; to have to do; to manage; to interfere; to be active; often in the phrase to meddle or make.
a scurvy, jack-a-nape priest to meddle or make
puhekieltä To increase; to augment; to accrue.
puhekieltä To be engaged or concerned in.
Gomez, what makest thou here, with a whole brotherhood of city bailiffs?
puhekieltä To cause to be (in a specified place), used after a subjective (m).
*1676, (w), A Man of Mode:
Footman. Madam! Mr. Dorimant!
Lov. What makes him here?
*1816, (w), Christabel:
What makes her in the wood so late, / A furlong from the castle gate?
puhekieltä brand Brand or kind; often paired with model. (jump)

What make of car do you drive?

How a thing is made; construction. (jump)
{{quote-book|1907|w:Mark Twain|Mark Twain|A Horse's Tale|url=
Origin of a manufactured article; manufacture. (jump)
{{quote-book|year=1905|author=w:Emma Orczy|Baroness Emmuska Orczy

The camera was of German make.

puhekieltä Quantity produced, especially of materials. (jump)
{{quote-journal|1902|September 16||German Iron and Steel Production|The New York Times|page=8|url=
puhekieltä The act or process of making something, especially in industrial manufacturing. (jump)
{{quote-book|1908|Charles Thomas Jacobi|Printing: A Practical Treatise on the Art of Typography as Applied More Particularly to the Printing of Books|page=331|url=
A person's character or disposition. (jump)
{{quote-book|1914|Gertrude Franklin Horn Atherton|Perch of the Devil|page=274|url=
puhekieltä The declaration of the trump for a hand.
{{quote-book|1925|Robert William Chambers|The Talkers|page=195|url=
puhekieltä The closing of an electrical circuit. (jump)
{{quote-book|1947|Charles Seymour Siskind|Electricity|page=94|url=
puhekieltä A software utility for automatically building large applications, or an implementation of this utility.
{{quote-book|2003|D. Curtis Jamison|Perl Programming for Biologists|page=115|isbn=0471430595|url=
puhekieltä Recognition or identification, especially from police records or evidence. (jump)
{{quote-book|2003|John Lutz|The Night Spider|page=53|isbn=0786015160|url=
puhekieltä Past or future target of seduction (usually female). (jump)
{{quote-book|2007|Prudence Mors Rains|Becoming an Unwed Mother|page=26|url=|isbn=020230955X
{{quote-book|1962|Ralph Moreno|A Man's Estate|url=|page=12
puhekieltä A promotion.
{{quote-book|2004|Joseph Stilwell|Seven Stars: The Okinawa Battle Diaries of Simon Bolivar Buckner, Jr. and Joseph Stilwell|page=94|url=|isbn=1585442941
A home-made project
puhekieltä A made basket.
puhekieltä mate Mate; a spouse or companion.
1590, Edmund Spenser, The Faerie Queene, I.vii:
Th'Elfe therewith astownd, / Vpstarted lightly from his looser make, / And his vnready weapons gan in hand to take.
{{quote-book|1624|w:Ben Jonson|Ben Jonson|The Masque of Owls at Kenilworth
puhekieltä A halfpenny. (defdate)
{{quote-book|1826|w:Sir Walter Scott|Sir Walter Scott|Woodstock; Or, the Cavalier
1934, (w), Grey Granite, Polygon 2006 (qualifier), page 606:
Only as he climbed the steps did he mind that he hadn't even a meck upon him, and turned to jump off as the tram with a showd swung grinding down to the Harbour ….
(nl-verb form of)
puhekieltä to die; dead
puhekieltä to faint
(ja-romanization of)
(slightly archaistic or formal) a spouse, a husband, a married man (mostly referring to a specific relation)

Hon hade inte sett sin make på hela dagen.

She had not seen her husband for all the day.

Makarna hade råkat ta in på samma hotell.

The man and his wife happened to board at the same hotel.

something alike (in quality)

Ingen hade sett svärdets make.

Nobody had seen a sword like this.


  • gutaa: makeata / hyvää : Se teki gamlalle starbulle tosi gutaa.

  • makee: liian hieno / ylvästelevä : Se oli vähä turhan makee jätkä.

  • makee: kiva / hieno / hyvännäköinen : Vau, johan oli makeen näköne lyyli tos Warressa.

  • makeilee: rehennellä / ylpeillä / "diivailla" : Painu helvettiin makeilee noil kuteillas!

  • meikki: make-up : Kikka alko spiidaa ja sen meikit valu.

  • mässy: makeinen / karkki

  • pakkeli: make-up / tasoite / ehostus : Ja taas on pakkelii naama täynnä!

  • pakkelit: make-up


"Let’s make violent sports together."


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