1. kevyt

  2. keveä

  3. valoisa

  4. kirkas

  5. heikko; lievä

  6. helppo

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  1. rasvaton, kevyt, vähäkalorinen, kaloriton, leikin, huoleton.

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valoisa puhekieltä The natural medium emanating from the Sun and other very hot sources (now recognised as electromagnetic radiation with a wavelength of 400-750 nm), within which vision is possible.


A source of illumination.
Spiritual or mental illumination; enlightenment, useful information.
He shall never know / That I had any light of this from thee.
puhekieltä Facts; pieces of information; ideas, concepts.
(RQ:RBrtn AntmyMlncl), Book I, New York 2001, page 166:
Now these notions are twofold, actions or habits …, which are durable lights and notions, which we may use when we will.
A notable person within a specific field or discipline.
Joan of Arc, a light of ancient France
puhekieltä The manner in which the light strikes a picture; that part of a picture which represents those objects upon which the light is supposed to fall; the more illuminated part of a landscape or other scene; opposed to shade.
A point of view, or aspect from which a concept, person or thing is regarded.
Frequent consideration of a thing (..) shows it in its several lights and various ways of appearance.
(RQ:Orwell Animal Farm)
Now if there was one thing that the animals were completely certain of, it was that they did not want Jones back. When it was put to them in this light, they had no more to say.
A flame or something used to create fire.
A firework made by filling a case with a substance which burns brilliantly with a white or coloured flame.

a Bengal light

A window, or space for a window in architecture.
The series of squares reserved for the answer to a crossword clue.
puhekieltä A cross-light in a double acrostic or triple acrostic.
Open view; a visible state or condition; public observation; publicity.
The duke yet would have dark deeds darkly answered; he would never bring them to light.
The power of perception by vision.
Bible, Psalms xxxviii. 10
My strength faileth me; as for the light of my eyes, it also is gone from me.
The brightness of the eye or eyes.
He seemed to find his way without his eyes; / For out o'door he went without their helps, / And, to the last, bended their light on me.
A traffic light, or, by extension, an intersection controlled by one or more that will face a traveler who is receiving instructions.


"Light up your sensitive parts!."


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liftari, liftata, liftaus, lifti, ligniini, liha


Strike a light ?


Mikä on hi light ?
Onko ed green light ed hyvää ?
Onko orange light hyvää ?
Kuinka korkea on jeddah light ?

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