1. pohjahiivaolut

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  1. leiri, kalja, olut, sahti, mallasjuoma, münchener-olut, münchener, bock, bock-olut, lager-olut.

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leiri A type of beer, brewed using a bottom fermentation|bottom-fermenting yeast.
To store (lager beer) at a low temperature for maturing and clarification.
(alternative spelling of)
store, warehouse
(qualifier) English lager (type of beer)
(nl-adj form of); lower
puhekieltä bearing (gloss)
puhekieltä beer of low fermentation (gloss)
(de-verb form of) (colloquial)
stock, inventory
store, stock room
a warehouse
a bearing (mechanical part)
(present tense of)
a store, a warehouse; a place where things are stored, for example before they are moved out to the sales area in a shop
a supply, stock; the things in a store
a layer; a single thickness of some material covering a surface
a stratum; one of several parallel horizontal layers of material arranged one on top of another
a bearing; a mechanical device that supports another part and/or reduces friction, especially between rotating parts.
a laurel, a crown of laurel, an academic merit (g)

där de härliga lagrarna gro

where the wonderful laurels grow (i.e. at the university)

vila inte på lagrarna

don't rest on your laurels (don't let old victories make you lazy)

a English lager; a type of beer (g)
saksa Lager
venäjä ла́гер (m)
ruotsi lageröl, lager


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lados, lady, ladylike, lafka, laguuni, lahdata

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