1. instrumentti, väline

  2. (musiikki) soitin, musiikki-instrumentti

Katso myös: midi, instrumentti

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  1. analysaattori, posetiivi, kampisoitin, basso, höyryurut, kauteri, poltin, laite, musiikkisoitin, instrumentti, soitin, musiikki-instrumentti.

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Liittyvät sanat: instrumentaalimusiikki, instrumentaalinen, instrumentaatio, instrumentalisti, instrumentoida, instrumentointi.



instrumentti, musiikki-instrumentti



säveltää A device used to produce music.

The violinist was a master of her instrument.

A means or agency for achieving an effect.
{{quote-book|year=1905|author=w:Emma Orczy|Baroness Emmuska Orczy
A measuring or displaying device.

The instrument detected an increase in radioactivity.

A tool, implement used for manipulation or measurement.

The dentist set down his tray of instruments. The scientist recorded the temperature with a thermometer but wished he had a more accurate instrument."

puhekieltä A legal document, such as a contract, deed, trust, mortgage, power, indenture, or will.

A bond indenture is the instrument that gives a bond its value.

Negotiable instruments are the foundation of the debt markets.

puhekieltä A person used as a mere tool for achieving a goal.
Or useful serving man and instrument, / To any sovereign state.
The bold are but the instruments of the wise.
puhekieltä To apply measuring devices.
puhekieltä To devise, conceive, cook up, plan.
To perform upon an instrument; to prepare for an instrument.

a sonata instrumented for orchestra

English instrument
instrumentEnglish instrument
(musical) instrumentEnglish instrument
instrumentEnglish instrument (gloss)
an (l)
an instrumentEnglish instrument (of music, for measurement, method, tool, or financial contract), a device


  • silmis: instrumentarium / optillinen liike


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institutionalisoitua, instituutio, instituutti, instruktiivi, instrumentaalimusiikki, instrumentaalinen


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