1. sisällä

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  1. sisäinen, sisä-, väärin päin, nurja, hieno, valikoiva, sisäpiirin, luottamuksellinen.

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sisäpiirin The interior or inner or lesser part.

Looked he o' the inside of the paper?


The side of a curved road, racetrack etc. that has the shorter arc length; the side of a racetrack nearer the interior of the course or some other point of reference.
puhekieltä (qualifier) The interior organs of the body, especially the guts.
puhekieltä A passenger within a coach or carriage, as distinguished from one upon the outside.
J. H. Frere
So down thy hill, romantic Ashbourne, glides / The Derby dilly, carrying three insides.
(w), (w)
So, what between Mr. Dowler's stories, and Mrs. Dowler's charms, and Mr. Pickwick's good humour, and Mr. Winkle's good listening, the insides contrived to be very companionable all the way.
Within the interior of something, closest to the center or to a specific point of reference.

He placed the letter inside the envelope.

Within or towards the interior of something, especially a building.

It started raining, so I went inside.

Intimately, secretly. (gloss)

Are you laughing at us inside?

puhekieltä In prison.

Hes inside, doing a stretch for burglary.''

Originating from or arranged by someone inside an organisation.

The reporter had received inside information about the forthcoming takeover.

The robbery was planned by the security guard: it was an inside job.

They wanted to know the inside story behind the celebritys fall from grace.''

puhekieltä A pitch that is toward the batter as it crosses home plate.

The first pitch is ... just a bit inside.

Nearer to the interior of a running track, horse racing course etc.

Because of the tighter bend, its harder to run in an inside lane.''

(inflection of)


  • "Johnson, there are American civilians inside. Do not kill them. Repeat: do not kill them. (Pöysti: Ammu ne kaikki.) (Johnson, sisällä on amerikkalaisia siviilejä. Älä tapa heitä. Toistan: älä tapa heitä.)"


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