1. korkea

  2. korkea, ylhäinen (arvoasemasta, tyylistä); yli-

  3. ylellinen, rikas

  4. (tuulesta, merenkäynnistä) kova

  5. (merestä) avoin, kansainvälinen

  6. slangia|k=en huumausaineiden vaikutuksen alaisena, pilvessä

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high official

high priests

High Church

the high life

high society

high winds

the sea is high – on kova aallokko

the high seas – kansainväliset vedet

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  1. päihtynyt, juopunut, päissään oleva, päissään, humalassa, jurrissa, kännissä, humalainen, humalassa oleva, pilvessä oleva, pilvessä, korkeampi, parempi, ylempi, merkittävä, korkea-arvoinen.

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humalassa oleva, humalassa



korkealle elevated Elevated in position or status; above many things.


Charles Dickens, Little Dorrit
The Barnacles were a very high family, and a very large family. They were dispersed all over the public offices, and held all sorts of public places.
tall Tall, lofty, at a great distance above the ground (qualifier).
{{quote-magazine|date=2013-06-07|author=David Simpson
Having a specified elevation.

three feet high

three Mount Everests high

puhekieltä noble Noble, especially of motives, intentions, etc.
puhekieltä Under the psychological effects of a mood-affecting drug, especially marijuana, or (less common) alcohol.
Of a quantity or value, great or large.
puhekieltä Said of the card of highest rank in a straight, flush or straight flush.

I have KT742 of the same suit. In other words, a K-high flush.

9-high straight = 98765 unsuited

Royal Flush = AKQJT suited = A-high straight flush

puhekieltä Of greater frequency, i.e. with more rapid wave oscillations.
puhekieltä Being spoken in an area more mountainous than those where other variants of the language are spoken.
puhekieltä Being the variant, literary or otherwise, with the greatest prestige, out of a group of related lects.
puhekieltä With tall waves.
(quote-book)|title=(w)|chapter=11|passage=The sea is as high as ever. I shouldn't think any boat could put out today.
puhekieltä Strong-scented; slightly tainted/spoiled; beginning to decompose.

Epicures do not cook game before it is high.

Of great strength, force, importance, etc.; mighty; powerful; sometimes, triumphant; victorious; majestic, etc.

a high wind; high passions

Bible, Psalms lxxxix. 13
Strong is thy hand, and high is thy right hand.
Can heavenly minds such high resentment show?
with rather a high manner
Arrogant; lofty; boastful; proud.
Bible, Proverbs xxi. 4
An high look and a proud heart (..) is sin.
His forces, after all the high discourses, amounted really but to eighteen hundred foot.
Very abstract; difficult to comprehend or surmount.
to hear and answer such high things
Plain living and high thinking are no more.
puhekieltä Made with a high position of some part of the tongue in relation to the palate.
Possessing a characteristic quality in a supreme or superior degree.

high (i.e. intense) heat; high (i.e. full or quite) noon; high (i.e. rich or spicy) seasoning; high (i.e. complete) pleasure; high (i.e. deep or vivid) colour; high (i.e. extensive, thorough) scholarship

High time it is this war now ended were.
High sauces and spices are fetched from the Indies.
In or to an elevated position.

How high above land did you fly?

In or at a great value.

Costs have grown higher this year again.

In a pitch of great frequency.

I certainly cant sing that high.''

A period of euphoria, from excitement or from an intake of drugs.
2013, Daniel Taylor, Chelseas Branislav Ivanovic climbs highest to sink Benfica (in The Guardian'', 15 May 2013)http://www.guardian.co.uk/football/2013/may/15/benfica-chelsea-europa-league
They will have to reflect on a seventh successive defeat in a European final while Chelsea try to make sense of an eccentric season rife with controversy and bad feeling but once again one finishing on an exhilarating high.
A drug that gives such a high.
puhekieltä A large area of elevated atmospheric pressure; an anticyclone.
The maximum atmospheric temperature recorded at a particular location, especially during one 24-hour period.
An elevated place; a superior region; a height; the sky; heaven.
puhekieltä The highest card dealt or drawn.
puhekieltä To rise.

The sun higheth.

puhekieltä thought Thought; intention; determination; purpose.
To hie; to hasten.
Men must high them apace, and make haste.
puhekieltä happy; in good spirits


  • "' "Oletko valmistunut Smith N. Jones high Schoolista"'Jimbo Wales:' "En, he potkivat minut pois sen jälkeen, kun minulle sattui onneton välikohtaus Britannica-pinon kanssa... no, se on pitkä tarina. :-) Onko sinulla hauskaa"

  • "Mielestäni Leningradissa vuonna 1986 pelaamamme shakin laatu oli ilmiömäisen korkea. En usko, että tämän päivän pelaajat voisivat ylittää sitä. Mielestäni se oli paras ottelu, jonka pelasimme, enkä usko että he saavuttavat sitä koskaan. Tämän päivän pelaajat tietävät enemmän jopa keskipelin asemista, koska he oppivat meiltä, mutta päätöksentekoprosessin taso ei missään tapauksessa ole sama."

  • "Don't forget to bring a towel... you wanna get high"

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