1. (mytologia) aave, haamu, kummitus

  2. haamukirjoittaja

Liittyvät sanat: ghostly , ghostlike , eerie , eery



  1. haamu, yliluonnollinen näky, aave, kummitus, häivähdys, haamukirjoittaja, kirjoittaja, tekijä, kirjailija, ideoida, luoda, panna alulle, kirjoittaa, tehdä, olla haamukirjoittajana, haamukirjoittaa, kummitella, riivata, näyttäytyä kummituksena, askarruttaa.

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olla haamukirjoittajana



liikkua aaveen lailla

näyttäytyä kummituksena puhekieltä The spirit; the soul of man.

Then gives her grieved ghost thus to lament.
The disembodied soul; the soul or spirit of a deceased person; a spirit appearing after death; an apparition; a specter.

Everyone showed that the ghost of an old lady haunted the crypt.

:s:Annus Mirabilis: The Year of Wonders|Shakespeare
The mighty ghosts of our great Harries rose.
I thought that I had died in sleep/And was a blessed ghost.
(RQ:Schuster Hepaticae V)
Hepaticology, outside the temperate parts of the Northern Hemisphere, still lies deep in the shadow cast by that ultimate "closet taxonomist," Franz Stephani—a ghost whose shadow falls over us all.
Any faint shadowy semblance; an unsubstantial image; a phantom; a glimmering.
Each separate dying ember wrought its ghost upon the floor.
{{quote-magazine|year=2013|month=May-June|author= William E. Conner


A false image formed in a telescope, camera, or other optical device by reflection from the surfaces of one or more lenses.
An unwanted image similar to and overlapping or adjacent to the main one on a television screen, caused by the transmitted image being received both directly and via reflection.
A ghostwriter.
puhekieltä An unresponsive user on IRC, resulting from the user's client disconnecting without notifying the server.
puhekieltä An image of a file or hard disk.
puhekieltä An understudy.
puhekieltä A covert (and deniable) agent.
The faint image that remains after an attempt to remove graffiti.
1992, Maurice J. Whitford, Getting Rid of Graffiti (page 45)
Regardless of GRM used, graffiti ghosts persist. Protect cladding with surface coating or replace with graffiti resistant paint or laminate.
puhekieltä An opponent in a race racing game that follows a previously recorded route, allowing players to compete against previous best times.
2012, Keith Burgun, Game Design Theory: A New Philosophy for Understanding Games
This is also the case for some racing games (Super Mario Kart is a good example) that allow you to compete against your ghosts, which are precise recordings of your performance.
A dead person whose identity is stolen by another. See (m).
puhekieltä white White or (l).
puhekieltä transparent Transparent or (l).
puhekieltä abandoned Abandoned.
puhekieltä The (l) of.
puhekieltä Perceived or listed but not (l).
puhekieltä Of (l), (l) or (l) nature.
puhekieltä substitute Substitute.


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