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undertake englannista suomeksi

  1. ruveta

  2. ryhtyä

  3. luvata

  4. sitoutua

  5. hyväksyä

  1. Verbi

  2. ryhtyä, ruveta

undertake englanniksi

  1. To upon oneself; to start, to embark on (a specific task etc.).

  2. 1674, (w), ''(w)'', Book 2, lines 417-420,https://en.wikisource.org/wiki/Paradise_Lost_(1674)/Book_II

  3. This said, he sat; and expectation heldHis look suspense, awaiting who appearedTo second, or oppose, or undertakeThe perilous attempt.
  4. To commit oneself (to an obligation, activity etc.).

  5. (ux)

  6. c. 1590, (w), ''(w)'', Act III, Scene 3,http://www.opensourceshakespeare.org/views/plays/play_view.php?WorkID=henry6p3&Scope=entire&pleasewait=1&msg=pl

  7. (..) if King Lewis vouchsafe to furnish usWith some few bands of chosen soldiers,I’ll undertake to land them on our coastAnd force the tyrant from his seat by war.
  8. To pass a slower moving vehicle on the curbside rather than on the side closest to oncoming traffic.

  9. (ant)

  10. To pledge; to assert, assure; to say.

  11. c. 1390s, (w), ''(w)'', General Prologue, lines 289-291,https://en.wikisource.org/wiki/The_Canterbury_Tales/General_Prologue(attention)

  12. As leene was his hors as is a rake,And he nas nat right fat, I undertake,But looked holwe and therto sobrely.
  13. c. 1591, (w), ''(w)'', Act V, Scene 3,http://www.opensourceshakespeare.org/views/plays/play_view.php?WorkID=henry6p1&Scope=entire&pleasewait=1&msg=pl

  14. That is her ransom; I deliver her;And those two counties I will undertakeYour grace shall well and quietly enjoy.
  15. 1695, (w), ''An Essay towards a Natural History of the Earth and Terrestrial Bodies'', London: Richard Wilkin, Part 4, pp. 222-223,https://archive.org/details/essaytowardnatur00wood

  16. (..) if those Persons who are curious in ''collecting'' either ''Minerals'', or the ''Shells'', ''Teeth'', or other Parts of Animal Bodies that have been buried in the Earth, do but search the ''Hills'' after ''Rains'', and the ''Sea-Shores'' after ''Storms'', I dare undertake they will not lose their Labour.
  17. To take by trickery; to trap, to seize upon.

  18. (RQ:Mlry MrtDrthr) and they wold haue slayne sire Tristram and his two felawes but sire Darras wold not suffre that but kepte them in pryson (..) So sire Tristram endured there grete payne for sekenesse had vndertake hym and that is the grettest payne a prysoner maye haue

  19. To assume, as a character; to on.

  20. c. 1595, (w), ''(w)'', Act I, Scene 2,http://www.opensourceshakespeare.org/views/plays/play_view.php?WorkID=midsummer&Scope=entire&pleasewait=1&msg=pl

  21. ''Quince''. (..) you must needs play Pyramus.''Bottom''. Well, I will undertake it.
  22. To engage with; to attack, on in a fight.

  23. c. 1609, (w), ''(w)'', Act II, Scene 1,http://www.opensourceshakespeare.org/views/plays/play_view.php?WorkID=cymbeline&Scope=entire&pleasewait=1&msg=pl

  24. It is not fit your lordship should undertake every companion that you give offence to.
  25. To have knowledge of; to hear.

  26. 1596, (w), ''(w)'', Book 5, Canto 3, Stanza 34, London: George Allen, 1896, p. 1098,https://archive.org/details/spensersfaeriequ05spenuoft

  27. Ne he his mouth would open unto wight,Untill that Guyon selfe unto him spake,And called Brigadore, (so was he hight,)Whose voice so soone as he did undertake,Eftsoones he stood as still as any stake,
  28. To have or take charge of.

  29. c. 1390s, (w), ''(w)'', (w), lines 81-82, ''The Poetical Works of Geoffrey Chaucer'', Bell & Daldy, 1866, Volume 3, p. 78,https://books.google.ca/books?id=s74zAQAAMAAJ&printsec=frontcoverv=onepage&q&f=false

  30. (..) therfore, for Cristes sake,Kepeth wel tho that ye undertake.(attention)
  31. c. 1612, (w) and (w), ''(w)'', Act II, Scene 1,http://www.opensourceshakespeare.org/views/plays/play_view.php?WorkID=henry8&Scope=entire&pleasewait=1&msg=pl

  32. To the water side I must conduct your grace;Then give my charge up to Sir Nicholas Vaux,Who undertakes you to your end.