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twin englannista suomeksi

  1. kaksois-, kaksos-

  2. kasvaa

  3. synnyttää

  4. jäljennös

  5. kaksinkertaistaa

  6. kaksonen

  7. yhdistää

  1. kaksonen

  2. kahden hengen huone

  3. kaksos-, kaksois-

  4. parillinen

  5. Substantiivi

twin englanniksi

  1. Twin

  1. Either of two people (or, less commonly, animals) who shared the same uterus at the same time; one who was born at the same birth as a sibling.

  2. Either of two similar or closely related objects, entities etc.

  3. A room in a hotel, guesthouse, etc. with two beds; a room.

  4. A twin size mattress or a bed designed for such a mattress.

  5. A two-engine aircraft.

  6. A crystal.

  7. To separate, divide.

  8. To split, part; to go away, depart.

  9. To join, unite; to form links between (now especially of two places in different countries); to pair with.

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  13. To give birth to twins.

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  16. To be, or be like, a twin to (someone else); to match in some way.

  17. To be, or be like, a pair of twins (for example, to dress identically); to be paired or suited.

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  19. Double; dual; occurring as a matching pair.

  20. Forming a pair of twins.

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