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trophy englannista suomeksi

  1. voitonmerkki

  2. pokaali

  1. Substantiivi

  2. pokaali, palkinto, palkintopokaali

  3. (hunting) metsästysmuisto, (victory) voitonmerkki, (of spoils of war) sotasaalis, trofee

  4. Verbi

trophy englanniksi

  1. An object, usually in the form of a statuette, cup, or shield, awarded for success in a competition or to mark a special achievement.

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  3. An object taken as a prize by a hunter, or a conqueror or belligerent, especially one that is displayed.

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  7. Any emblem of success; a symbol.

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  9. An object taken by a killer or rapist as a memento of the crime.

  10. A tropæum.

  11. A display of weaponry and other militaria, often captured from a defeated enemy, as an ornament designed for the purpose of triumphalist display by a victor or as a show of military prowess by a monarch.

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  15. An artifact or artwork that has been stolen by a criminal and traded on the market.

  16. An animal killed by a hunter that usually has its parts sold on the black market.

  17. To adorn with trophies.

  18. To win a trophy in a competition.