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troop englannista suomeksi

  1. joukko-osasto, komppania, sotajoukko

  2. partiolaisosasto, lippukunta

  3. tungeksia

  4. marssia

  5. lauma, joukko

  6. ratsujoukko

  1. Substantiivi

  2. joukko

  3. komppania

  4. joukko / joukot (monikko)

  5. ryhmä

  6. vartio

  7. Verbi

  8. marssia

troop englanniksi

  1. A collection of people; a number; a multitude (in general).

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  3. A small unit of cavalry or armour commanded by a captain, corresponding to a platoon or company of infantry.

  4. A detachment of soldiers or police, especially horse artillery, armour, or state troopers.

  5. Soldiers, military forces (usually "troops").

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  8. A company of actors; a troupe.

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  10. A chapter of a national girl or boy scouts organization, consisting of one or more patrols of 6 to 8 youngsters each.

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  12. A group of baboons.

  13. A particular roll of the drum; a quick march.

  14. Mushrooms that are in a close group but not close enough to be called a cluster.

  15. To move in numbers; to come or gather in crowds or troops.

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  17. To march on; to go forward in haste.

  18. To move or march as if in a crowd.

  19. (ux)

  20. trope