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trajectory englannista suomeksi

  1. rata, lentorata

  1. Substantiivi

  2. rata, lentorata

  3. kehittyminen

  4. kulku, kehittyminen

trajectory englanniksi

  1. The path an object takes as it moves.

  2. 2019, Louise Taylor, ''Alex Morgan heads USA past England into Women’s World Cup final'' (in ''The Guardian'', 2 July 2019)

  3. The USA were dominant but, to England’s immense credit, they repeatedly rallied, refusing to fold. Indeed they could conceivably have gone in level at the interval had Naeher not made an acrobatic, stretching, fingertip save to divert Walsh’s 25-yard thunderbolt as it whizzed unerringly on its apparently inexorable trajectory towards the top corner.
  4. The path of a body as it travels through space.

  5. The ordered set of intermediate states assumed by a system as a result of time evolution.

  6. A course of development, such as that of a war or career.

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