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tibia englannista suomeksi

  1. sääriluu

  1. Substantiivi

tibia englanniksi

  1. The inner and usually the larger of the two bones of the leg or hind limb below the knee, the shinbone

  2. The second segment from the end of an insect's leg, between the femur and tarsus.

  3. The third segment from the end of an arachnid's leg, between the patella and metatarsus.

  4. A instrument of the flute kind, originally made of the leg bone of an animal.

  5. 1975, Francis M. Collinson, ''The bagpipe: the history of a musical instrument'' (page 188)

  6. The musician on the left is playing the zampogna, a bagpipe with two chanters and two drones. The zampogna is thought to be the bag-provided descendant of the ancient mouth-blown divergent pipes of the Romans, known as the tibia.
  7. shin

  8. tibia, shinbone

  9. tibia, shinbone

  10. shin

  11. 1409, J. L. Pensado Tomé (ed.), ''Tratado de Albeitaria''. Santiago de Compostela: Centro Ramón Piñeiro, page 97:

  12. ''nota que a dita enfirmidade non enpeeçe aos potros mais prestalles porque daqesto engrosam as tiuas por llos homores que se uoluen aas coixas''
    : note that this sickness is not detrimental for the foals, but it benefits them because the shins swell because of the humors that return to the thighs
  13. an early instrument

  14. the large shin bone, tibia; leg

  15. a pipe, flute (originally of bone)

  16. (l), shinbone

  17. (adj form of)