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suck englannista suomeksi

  1. haista, olla syvältä, olla perseestä

  2. imeä

  3. imeminen

  4. lutkuttaa

  5. imettää

  6. imaista

  1. Substantiivi

  2. Verbi

  3. imeä, lutkuttaa

  4. haista, olla syvältä

suck englanniksi

  1. An instance of drawing something into one's mouth by inhaling.

  2. 2001, D. Martin Doney, ''Prayer Capsule: A Book of Honesty'', page 261

  3. Bammer agreed “Probably a good idea,” he agreed with a quick suck on his straw, “won't stop you from picking up any of these chicks, though.”
  4. Milk drawn from the breast.

  5. 2010, Barbara Tieken, ''Bull Vaulter: Alena of the Isle of Green'' (page 202)

  6. The infant took suck in an instant, pulling strongly.
  7. A weak, self-pitying person; a person who refuses to along with others, especially out of spite; a crybaby or loser.

  8. 1999, Hiromi Goto, “Drift”, in ''Ms.'', v 9, n 3, p 82–6:

  9. “Why're you bothering to take her anywhere? I can't stand traveling with her. You're such a suck,” her sister said. Waved her smoke. “No fucking way I'm going.”
  10. 2008, Beth Hitchcock, “Parenting Pair”, in ''Today's Parent'', v 25, n 5, p 64:

  11. I used to think she was such a suck! She'd cry when I took to the ice, whether I skated well or badly. She'd cry when I left the house.
  12. A sycophant, especially a child.

  13. 1916, (w), ''(w)'', Macmillan Press, p 23:

  14. You are McGlade's suck.
  15. A short drink, especially a dram of spirits.

  16. An act of fellatio.

  17. 2012, Alex Carreras, ''Cruising with Destiny'', page 12

  18. Nate exhaled a long, slow breath. What the hell was he thinking? He couldn't cruise the steam room looking for married men looking for a quick suck. He needed to shoot his load, but was he really that desperate?
  19. Badness or mediocrity.

  20. (quote-book)

  21. To use the mouth and lips to pull in (a liquid, especially milk from the breast). (defdate)

  22. To perform such an action; to feed from a breast or teat. (defdate)

  23. To put the mouth or lips to (a breast, a mother etc.) to draw in milk. (defdate)

  24. To extract, draw in (a substance) from or out of something. (defdate)

  25. 1596, Edmund Spenser, ''The Faerie Queene'', IV.i:

  26. That she may sucke their life, and drinke their blood, With which she from her childhood had bene fed.
  27. To inhale (air), to draw (breath).

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  29. To work the lips and tongue on (an object) to extract moisture or nourishment; to absorb (something) in the mouth. (defdate)

  30. To pull (something) in a given direction, especially without direct contact. (defdate)

  31. To perform fellatio. (defdate)

  32. To be inferior or objectionable: a general term of disparagement, sometimes used with ''at'' to indicate a particular area of deficiency. (defdate)

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  35. sigh; a deep and prolonged audible inspiration or respiration

  36. sigh