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strata englanniksi

  1. (monikko) en|stratum

  2. condominium unit, condominium building, condominium title

  3. (ux)

  4. A kind of layered casserole dish in American cuisine.

  5. 2014, ''Slow Cooking for Two'' (Mendocino Press)

  6. Egg dishes, stratas, and casserole recipes are delicious for breakfast and work well in the slow cooker.
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  8. one of several parallel horizontal layers of material arranged one on top of another.

  9. (syn)

  10. a class of society composed of people with similar social, cultural, or economic status.

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  12. road

  13. a paved road

  14. (inflection of)

  15. street, paved road

  16. loss

  17. road, way, street