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spark englannista suomeksi

  1. sytyttää

  2. pilke

  3. kipinöidä

  4. kipinä

  5. pilkahdus

  1. kipinä

  2. Substantiivi

  3. Verbi

spark englanniksi

  1. Spark

  1. A small particle of glowing matter, either molten or on fire.

  2. A short or small burst of electrical discharge.

  3. A small, shining body, or transient light; a sparkle.

  4. A small amount of something, such as an idea or romantic affection, that has the potential to become something greater, just as a spark can start a fire.

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  7. But though we have, here and there, a little of this clear light, some sparks of bright knowledge
  8. 2013, Phil McNulty, "", ''BBC Sport'', 1 September 2013:

  9. Everton's Marouane Fellaini looks one certain arrival but Moyes, who also saw United held to a draw by Chelsea at Old Trafford on Monday, needs even more of a spark in a midfield that looked laboured by this team's standards.
  10. Any of various lycaenid butterflies of the Indomalayan genus (taxlink).

  11. (''in plural'' sparks ''but treated as a singular'') A ship's radio operator.

  12. An electrician.

  13. 1999, Des Lyver, ‎Graham Swainson, ''Basics of Video Lighting'' (page 103)

  14. At the other extreme, with limitless budgets all they have to do is dream up amazing lighting rigs to be constructed and operated by the huge team of gaffers and sparks, with their generators, discharge lights, flags, gobos and brutes.
  15. To trigger, kindle into activity (an argument, etc).

  16. (quote-journal)

  17. To light; to kindle.

  18. 2009, Alex Jenson, ''The Serotonin Grand Prix'' (page 12)

  19. Byron sparked the cigarette. He sucked it dramatically and thrust it into Marko's hand.
  20. To shoot; to fire

  21. (quote-song),(w)|album=Tical 2000: Judgement Day|track=17|title=Grid Iron Rap|url=|passage=Streetlife:Fuck a peace talk, let the gun spark, on the streets of New York.

  22. (quote-song)|album=The War Mixtape|track=10|title=U Ain't A Killer|url=|passage=All of a sudden, everybody tuggin', everybody dark. Everybody gums runnin', 'til the guns spark.

  23. (quote-song)|album=IMAMCRU12|track=2|title=Raw Hip Hop|url=|passage=Guns spark in the dark, it was all just a part of the eighties Bronx scene that created all.

  24. To off a spark or sparks.

  25. A gallant; a foppish young man.

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  27. The finest sparks and cleanest beaux.
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  29. Jones had no sooner quitted the room, than the petty-fogger, in a whispering tone, asked Mrs Whitefield, “If she knew who that fine spark was?”
  30. 1777, (w), ''The School for Scandal'', I.ii:

  31. He will retrieve his errors yet—their worthy Father, once my honour'd master, was at his years nearly as wild a spark.
  32. A beau, lover.

  33. To woo, court; to act the gallant or beau.

  34. kick

  35. (imperative of)

  36. (alt form)

  37. a kick (''with a foot'')

  38. (short for)