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  1. balkaninvuokko

  1. Substantiivi

  2. lumikello

  3. Verbi

snowdrop englanniksi

  1. Any of the 20 species of the genus ''Galanthus'' of the Amaryllidaceae, bulbous flowering plants, bearing a solitary, pendulous, white, bell-shaped flower that appears, depending on species, between autumn and late winter or early spring, all native to temperate Eurasia.

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  3. A flower that first in this sweet garden smiled, / To virgins sacred, and the Snow-drop styled.
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  5. White Ladies did not mean snowdrops, by their pretty old English name, ghosts in white cere-clothes, or belles in white tarlatan.
  6. (quote-book)|year=2016|isbn=978-1-78023-492-2|passage=It was considered unlucky to decorate a room with cut snowdrops. The name death's flower relates to an old belief that a solitary snowdrop indicates impending death, with suggestions that it was inauspicious to bring snowdrops indoors.

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  8. To steal clothing (especially women's underwear) from a clothesline.

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  10. (quote-book)|year=1992|page=50|isbn=978-1-56282-823-3|passage=‘Snowdropping’ is the business of some poor sods who, often from laundry drying on a clothes line, pinch items of ladies’ underwear, take them away and sniff them.

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