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slipstream englannista suomeksi

  1. potkurivirta

  1. Substantiivi

  2. imu, peesi

  3. Verbi

  4. peesata

  5. integroida

slipstream englanniksi

  1. The low-pressure zone immediately following a rapidly moving object, caused by turbulence.

  2. (quote-web)

  3. A generated advantage which makes forward movement easier.

  4. *(quote-web)

  5. A genre of fantastic or non-realistic fiction that crosses conventional genre boundaries.

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  7. (quote-book)

  8. To take advantage of the suction produced by a slipstream by travelling immediately behind the slipstream generator.

  9. (syn)


  10. To incorporate additional software (such as patches) into an existing installer.

  11. 2004, Ed Bott, Carl Siechert, Craig Stinson, ''Microsoft Windows XP inside out''

  12. A better solution is to create a bootable Windows XP installation CD slipstreamed with the current service pack...
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  14. It is illegal to distribute slipstreamed CDs. In some locales, it may also be illegal to create them.