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shite englannista suomeksi

  1. paska

shite englanniksi

  1. Shit; trash; rubbish; nonsense

  2. ''That’s a load of shite.''

    ''Look at all this shite.''

  3. A foolish or deceitful person.

  4. ''He's a useless shite.''

  5. Bad; awful; shit.

  6. ''The film was shite.''

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  8. ''Shite! I left my wallet at home.''

  9. To defecate.

  10. 2004, Robert Morgan, ''Brave enemies'' (page 38)

  11. (..) it still softened my heart to see a man hurt so badly he sobbed and shited on himself.
  12. 2007, Talonie Starr, ''Growth Manifesto'' (page 173)

  13. He would probably have a head full of locks. Who has time to be pretty when people are hurting? Crying. Shiting on themselves trying to beat heroin.
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