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self-conscious englannista suomeksi

  1. estoinen

  2. itsetietoinen

  1. itsetietoinen

  2. omahyväinen, itsetietoinen

  3. hämillinen, estoinen, vaivaantunut

self-conscious englanniksi

  1. Aware of oneself as an individual being.

  2. Uncomfortably over-conscious of one's appearance or behaviour.

  3. (RQ:Chmbrs YngrSt)

  4. “Heavens!” exclaimed Nina, “the blue-stocking and the fogy!—and yours ''are'' pale blue, Eileen!—you’re about as self-conscious as Drina—slumping there with your hair tumbling ''à la'' Mérode! Oh, it's very picturesque, of course, but a straight spine and good grooming is better.(nb..)
  5. Socially at ease.