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ripe englannista suomeksi

  1. valmistautunut

  2. valmis, kypsä

  3. tuleentunut

  1. kypsä, tuleentunut of grain

  2. kypsä

  3. kypsä, valmis

  4. valmistautunut, valmis

  5. täyteläinen

  6. tuoksahtava, pahanhajuinen

  7. kypsyä

  8. Substantiivi

  9. Verbi

ripe englanniksi

  1. scraping

  2. remnant

  1. Ready for reaping or gathering; having attained perfection; mature

  2. (ux)

  3. 1667, (w), ''(w)''

  4. So mayst thou live, till, like ripe fruit, thou drop / Into thy mother's lap.
  5. {{quote-journal|en|year=2013|month=May-June|author=David Van Tassel, Lee DeHaan

  6. Advanced to the state of fitness for use; mellow

  7. Having attained its full development; mature; perfected

  8. (syn)

  9. 1895, Henry James, ''The Altar of the Dead''

  10. She was a feature of that piety, but even at the ripe stage of acquaintance in which they occasionally arranged to meet at a concert or to go together to an exhibition she was not a feature of anything else.
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  12. Maturated or suppurated; ready to discharge (q)

  13. Ready for action or effect; prepared.

  14. (RQ:Addison Ital)

  15. while things were just ripe for a war
  16. (RQ:Burke Conciliation with Americ)

  17. I am not ripe to pass sentence on the gravest public bodies.
  18. 1988, (w), ''Revolution Calling''

  19. But the time is ripe for changes. There's a growing feeling. That taking a chance on a new kind of vision is due
  20. Like ripened fruit in ruddiness and plumpness.

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  22. Intoxicated.

  23. 1611, (w), ''Tempest|The Tempest'', Act V, Scene 1,

  24. (smallcaps) And Trinculo is reeling-ripe: where should they / Find this grand liquor that hath gilded them? / How cam'st thou in this pickle?
  25. Of a conflict between parties, having developed to a stage where the conflict may be reviewed by a of law.

  26. Smelly: having a disagreeable odor.

  27. {{quote-book|en|year=2004|author=Colum McCann|title=Fishing the Sloe-Black River|isbn=0312423381|url=|page=141

  28. A fruit or vegetable which has ripened.

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  30. To ripen or mature

  31. 1596-97, Shakespeare|William Shakespeare, ''Merchant of Venice|The Merchant of Venice'', Act II Scene 8

  32. ... he answer'd, "Do not so; / Slubber not business for my sake, Bassanio, / But stay the very riping of the time; / ...
  33. The bank of a river.

  34. To search; to rummage.

  35. the leftovers, remains

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  37. (monikko) it|ripa

  38. (l), (l)

  39. a (l)

  40. to (l), (l)

  41. to (l) (q)

  42. ripe

  43. mature

  44. (pt-verb-form-of)