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revenue englannista suomeksi

  1. kokonaistulot, tulot

  2. verotulot, verokertymä

  1. Substantiivi

  2. tuotto

  3. tulo

  4. verokertymä, kokonaistulot (monikko)

  5. tulot, liikevaihto, myyntitulo

  6. Verbi

revenue englanniksi

  1. The income returned by an investment.

  2. *(quote-web)

  3. The total income received from a given source.

  4. All income generated for some political entity's treasury by taxation and other means.

  5. The total sales; turnover.

  6. The net income from normal business operations; sales.

  7. A return; something paid back.

  8. a. 1892, (w), a sermon

  9. What, no revenue of praise for him who is our gracious Lord and King! He doth not exact from us any servile labor, but simply saith, “Who so offereth praise glorifieth me.”
  10. To generate revenue.

  11. To supply with revenue.

  12. a (physical) return; arrival

  13. the action of game leaving the forest to graze

  14. (feminine singular past participle of)