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reeve englannista suomeksi

  1. pujottaa

  2. kiinnittää

  3. suokukkonaaras

reeve englanniksi

  1. Any of several local officials, with varying responsibilities.

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  3. The president of a township or municipal district council.

  4. The holder of a (l) but (l) commissioned (l) of the (w), equivalent to (l).

  5. 1936, ''The Periodical'' (University Press|Oxford University Press), volumes 21–22, page 67

  6. A list of new titles was manufactured as follows: ''Ensign'', ''Lieutenant'', ''Flight-Leader'', ''Squadron-Leader'', ''Reeve'', ''Banneret'', ''Fourth-Ardian'', ''Third-Ardian'', ''Second-Ardian'', ''Ardian'', ''Air Marshal''. (..) “Reeve”, perhaps, savoured a little too much of legal authority.
  7. To pass (a rope) through a hole or opening, especially so as to fasten it.

  8. 1930, William Faulkner, ''As I Lay Dying'', Library of America, 1985, p.98:

  9. "Let the rope go," he says. With his other hand he reaches down and reeves the two turns from the stanchion.
  10. (senseid) A female of the species ''pugnax'', a highly gregarious, medium-sized bird of Eurasia; the male is a ruff.

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