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rabble englannista suomeksi

  1. roskajoukko, ihmisjoukko

  2. melulauma, rahvas

  1. väkijoukko, ihmisjoukko

  2. rahvas

rabble englanniksi

  1. To speak in a confused manner; talk incoherently; utter nonsense

  2. To speak confusedly or incoherently; gabble or chatter out

  3. A bewildered or meaningless string of words.

  4. A pack of animals; or any confused collection of things.

  5. A mob; a disorderly crowd. (defdate)

  6. The mass of common people; the lowest class of populace. (defdate)

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  8. (RQ:Dryden Absalom)

  9. An iron bar used in puddling.

  10. To stir with a rabble.