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pullback englannista suomeksi

  1. vetäytyminen

  2. pidäke

  1. Substantiivi

pullback englanniksi

  1. The act or result of pulling back; a withdrawal.

  2. The act of drawing a camera back to broaden the visible scene.

  3. Something that back|holds back; a drawback; a hindrance.

  4. (RQ:Swift Journal to Stella)

  5. A reduction in the price of a financial instrument after reaching a peak

  6. An attacking pass from the wing into a position further from the attacking goal line.

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  8. A device for making a woman's gown hang close and straight in front.

  9. The map between bundles of manifolds corresponding to a smooth map between smooth manifolds, which at each point is the dual map to the corresponding pushforward.

  10. The limit of a cospan: a square or “pullback square”.

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  12. Within a Cartesian square (which has a pair of divergent morphisms and a pair of convergent morphisms) the divergent morphism which is directly opposite to a given one of the convergent morphisms, said to be “along” the convergent morphism which is between that pair of opposite morphisms. (The pullback is said to be “of” the given morphism.)