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pose englannista suomeksi

  1. saattaa ymmälleen

  2. olla mallina

  3. poseeraus, asento

  4. poseeraaminen

  5. tekeytyä

  6. hienostella

  7. aiheuttaa

  8. teeskentely

  9. asettaa

  1. poseerata

  2. Substantiivi

  3. Verbi

pose englanniksi

  1. cold|Common cold, cold; catarrh.

  2. 1586, (w), ''Description of England''

  3. Now (..) have we many chimnies, and yet our tenderlings complain of rheums, catarrhs, and poses.
  4. 1825, (w), ''The poetical works of Robert Herrick'':

  5. Megg yesterday was troubled with a pose, Which, this night hardned, sodders up her nose.
  6. 1903, (w), Lucian (of Samosata.), Desiderius Erasmus, ''Pleasant Dialogues and Dramma's''

  7. The Ague, Cough, the Pyony, the Pose. Aches within, and accidents without, ...
  8. 2009, Eucharius Rösslin, Thomas Raynalde, Elaine Hobby, ''The Birth of Mankind''

  9. And whereas some say, that they which use oft washing of their heads shall be very prone to headache, that is not true, but only in such that, after they have been washed, roll up their hair (being yet wet) about their heads; the cold whereof is dangerous to bring them to catarrhs and poses, with other inconveniences.
  10. To place in an attitude or fixed position, for the sake of effect.

  11. (ux)

  12. To ask; to set (a test, quiz, riddle, etc.).

  13. To constitute (a danger, a threat, a risk, etc.).

  14. 2010, Noam Chomsky, ''The Iranian threat'', Z Magazine, vol 23, number 7:

  15. ''Rather, they are concerned with the threat Iran poses to the region and the world.''
  16. (quote-journal)

  17. 2014, Ian Black, "Courts kept busy as Jordan works to crush support for Isis", ''The Guardian'', 27 November 2014:

  18. The threat the most radical of them pose is evidently far greater at home than abroad.
  19. To falsely impersonate (another person or occupation) primarily for the purpose of accomplishing something or reaching a goal.

  20. To assume or maintain a pose; to strike an attitude.

  21. (RQ:Thackeray Shabby Genteel Story) posed before her as a hero.

  22. To behave affectedly in order to attract interest or admiration.

  23. (quote-book)| passage=dressed-to-kill babes and their sugar daddies would rather pose in malls, and teenagers can find ''McDonald's'' anywhere, leaving Váci utterly dependent on tourists for its livelihood and bustle.

  24. To interrogate; to question.

  25. (RQ:Bacon Henry )

  26. She pretended to (..) pose him and sift him.
  27. To question with a view to puzzling; to embarrass by questioning or scrutiny; to bring to a stand.

  28. (RQ:Barrow Sermon)

  29. A question wherewith a learned Pharisee thought to pose or puzzle him.
  30. 1848, Charles Dickens, ''Dombey and Son''

  31. The Doctor (..) had likewise a pair of little eyes that were always half shut up, and a mouth that was always half expanded into a grin, as if he had, that moment, posed a boy, and were waiting to convict him from his own lips.
  32. Position, posture, arrangement (especially of the human body).

  33. (RQ:Churchill Celebrity).

  34. Affectation.

  35. To ask (someone) questions; to interrogate.

  36. (RQ:Tyndale NT)

  37. (RQ:Browne Religio Medici)

  38. to puzzle, non-plus, or embarrass with difficult questions.

  39. To perplex or confuse (someone).

  40. bag

  41. (l) or (l)

  42. jail

  43. installation

  44. extension (in telecommunications)

  45. (inflection of)

  46. afterwards

  47. (monikko) it|posa

  48. (l), (l)

  49. a (l) or (l)

  50. (l) (gloss)

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