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plump englannista suomeksi

  1. mäjäyttää

  2. päätyä jhk

  3. suoraan

  4. pulska, pullea

  5. pudota

  6. pulskistaa

  7. mätkähdys

  1. pyylevä, pullea, pulska

  2. Substantiivi

plump englanniksi

  1. Having a full and rounded shape; chubby, somewhat overweight.

  2. (ux)

  3. 1651, (w), ''To my friend G. N. from Wrest''

  4. The god of wine did his plump clusters bring.
  5. 2015, Anton Chekhov, ''The Life and Genius of Anton Chekhov: Letters, Diary, Reminiscences and Biography: Assorted Collection of Autobiographical Writings of the Renowned Russian Author and Playwright of Uncle Vanya, The Cherry Orchard, The Three Sisters and The Seagull'', e-artnow ((ISBN))

  6. My ideal is to be idle and to love a plump girl.
  7. (quote-book)|chapter=23|title=Crime out of Mind|passage=He was a plump little man and we had been walking uphill at a pace—set by him—far too rapid for his short legs. He breathed stertorously, and half the drops which glimmered on his rotund face were not rain but sweat.

  8. Fat.

  9. Sudden and without reservation; blunt; direct; downright.

  10. 1898, (w), ''A Short History of English Literature''

  11. After the plump statement that the author was at Erceldoune and spake with Thomas.
  12. To grow plump; to swell out.

  13. ''Her cheeks have plumped.''

  14. To make plump; to fill (out) or support; often with ''up''.

  15. ''to plump oysters or scallops by placing them in fresh or brackish water''

  16. (RQ:Fuller Church Histor)

  17. to plump up the hollowness of their history with improbable miracles
  18. To cast or let drop all at once, suddenly and heavily.

  19. ''to plump a stone into water''

  20. 1859, (w), ''(w)''

  21. Although Miss Pross, through her long association with a French family, might have known as much of their language as of her own, if she had had a mind, she had no mind in that direction (..) So her manner of marketing was to plump a noun-substantive at the head of a shopkeeper without any introduction in the nature of an article (..)
  22. To give a plumper (kind of vote).

  23. To give (a vote), as a plumper.

  24. (indtr) To favor or decide in favor of something.

  25. (quote-journal)

  26. To drop or fall suddenly or heavily, all at once.

  27. September 24, 1712, (w) No. 492, ''letter from a prude''

  28. Dulcissa plumps into a chair.
  29. Directly; suddenly; perpendicularly.

  30. *(RQ:Melville Moby-Dick)

  31. The sound of a sudden heavy fall.

  32. (quote-book)|passage=As she beheld her, poor Mrs. Mack's heart fluttered up to her mouth, and then dropped with a dreadful plump, into the pit of her stomach.

  33. A knot or cluster; a group; a crowd.

  34. (RQ:Homer Chapman Odysseys)

  35. crude, clumsy

  36. squat, stumpy

  37. (alternative form of)

  38. big and awkward

  39. base, vulgar