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pierce englannista suomeksi

  1. lävistää

  2. leikata

  3. tunkeutua jhk

  4. puhkaista

  1. lävistää, puhkaista

  2. lävistää

pierce englanniksi

  1. Pierce

  1. To puncture; to break through.

  2. ''The diver pierced the surface of the water with scarcely a splash.''

    ''to pierce the enemy's line; a shot pierced the ship''

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  5. To create a hole in the skin for the purpose of inserting jewelry.

  6. ''Can you believe he pierced his tongue?''

  7. to break or interrupt abruptly

  8. ''A scream pierced the silence.''

  9. To get to the heart or crux of (a matter).

  10. ''to pierce a mystery''

  11. To penetrate; to affect deeply.

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  15. A pierced earring.