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perversion englannista suomeksi

  1. vääristely

  2. perversio

  3. kieroutuma

  1. Substantiivi

perversion englanniksi

  1. The action of perverting someone or something; humiliation; debasement.

  2. The state of being perverted; depravity; vice.

  3. Distortion or corruption of the original course, meaning, or state of something.

  4. (quote-book)|title=Francesca Carrara|volume=2|pages=61-62|text=After all, the great error in human judgment is not so much wilful perversion, as that we judge according to situation, and always make that situation our own; while the chances are, that we really have not one thought, feeling, or habit, in common with those on whom we yet think ourselves qualified to decide.

  5. A sexual practice considered abnormal; sexual deviance.

  6. perversion|Tendril perversion.

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