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perna englanniksi

  1. lien, spleen

  1. to buy

  2. spleen

  3. leg

  4. 1435, A. López Carreira, ''Fragmentos de notarios'', doc. E2-8:

  5. ''... que aderençaran ao dito Goterre Afonso et que o dito Fernando de Mourelos que sacara a espada da beyna contra o dito Goterre Afonso por lo matar, et seus conpaneiros como lo viran sacar que o ajudaran contra o dito Goterre Afonso, do qual lle logo deran huna grande ferida en huna perna esqerda, en que o feriran debayxo do gionllo ata o qualquanar''
    : ... they approached said Goterre Afonso and that the mentioned Fernando de Mourelos extracted the sword from its scabbard against said Goterre Afonso, for killing him; and his companions, as they saw this, helped him against said Goterre Afonso, and consequently he gave him a large wound in the left leg, in which he injured him from under the knee till the heel
  6. shin, the region between the knee and ankle

  7. A haunch or ham together with the leg, gammon.

  8. A thigh-bone, with the meat upon it to the knee-joint, a leg of pork, a ham or gammon of bacon.

  9. a kind of mussel

  10. (alternative form of)

  11. stint