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paine englanniksi

  1. pressure

  2. push, thrust

  3. suction

  4. Paine

  5. stress

  1. (obs sp)

  2. (quote-book)|year=1570|title=The Scholemaster|text=Or plaine and perfite way of teachyng children, to vnderstand, write, and speake, the Latin tong, but specially purposed for the priuate brynging vp of youth in Ientlemen and Noble mens houses, and commodious also for all such, as haue forgot the Latin tonge, and would, by themselues, without a Scholemaster, in short tyme, and with small paines, recouer a sufficient habilitie, to vnderstand, write, and speake Latin.

  3. pressure

  4. press

  5. blue sky

  6. (alternative form of)