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ornate englannista suomeksi

  1. koukeroinen, koristeltu, koristeellinen

  1. koristeellinen, koristeltu

  2. pramea

  3. Verbi

ornate englanniksi

  1. Elaborately ornamented, often to excess.

  2. (RQ:Chambers Younger Set). As a matter of fact its narrow ornate façade presented not a single quiet space that the eyes might rest on after a tiring attempt to follow and codify the arabesques, foliations, and intricate vermiculations of what some disrespectfully dubbed as “near-aissance.”

  3. Flashy, flowery or showy

  4. Finely finished, as a style of composition.

  5. (RQ:Milton Of Education)

  6. To adorn or honour (someone or something).

  7. (RQ:Latimer Lords Prayer) Saincte the Apostle|Paule woulde haue them to lyue ſo, that they maye ornate and ſanctifye the name of God.

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