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lila englanniksi

  1. The play of god’s spirit manifested in the universe; divine play, creative spiritual energy.

  2. 2015, Tridip Suhrud, translating (w), ''Sarasvatichandra'' I, Orient BlackSwan 2015, p. 11:

  3. His face shone with joy when he read good books, thought new thoughts, heard news about the country's welfare, or when God's lila filled his mind.
  4. purple, violet (q)

  5. (syn)

  6. lilac

  7. lilac (q)

  8. lilac; a large shrub of the genus ''Syringa''

  9. a flower of the lilac shrub

  10. a pale purple colour/color, the colour of some lilac flowers

  11. having a pale purple colour

  12. (infl of)

  13. lilac (gloss)

  14. A small, even shoulder-portable type of (colonial?) gun, notably used in the Indies

  15. to cry, to weep

  16. (alternative form of)

  17. lilac, purple, violet (q)

  18. lilac:

  19. a pale purple color, the color of some lilac flowers.

  20. (color panel)

    (syn) (q)

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  22. (dated spelling of)

  23. tongue

  24. lilac, violet (q)

  25. twit; idiot

  26. lilac, purple, violet

  27. goodness

  28. to cry, to weep

  29. purple, lilac (q)

  30. lilac; pale purple (q)

  31. crucible

  32. pieces of clay or stone (q)

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  34. (inflection of)

  35. to lament, to mourn