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lifting englanniksi

  1. The action or process by which something is lifted; elevation

  2. 1946, Eugene E. Thomas, ''Brotherhood of Mt. Shasta''

  3. For some moments he stood there contemplating the little fellows as they went about their work in their business-like way, taking no notice of his presence other than the liftings of their heads now and then, as if to ascertain if he were still there.
  4. weightlifting; a form of exercise in which weights are lifted

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  6. 2008, Lou Schuler, "Foreward", ''in'' Nate Green, ''Built for Show'', page xi

  7. When I started lifting in 1970, I was the skinniest thirteen-year-old I knew.
  8. surgery for tightening facial tissues and improving the facial appearance

  9. Theft.

  10. 1836, ''Tait's Edinburgh Magazine'' (volume 3, page 426)

  11. It was then as much the scene of continual spreaths, liftings, reavings, and herriments, as the Border country itself.
  12. A certain operation on a space; see (w).

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  14. facelift

  15. taffrail

  16. face-lift, lifting

  17. facelift (gl)

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  19. lifting, facelift