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plastic englannista suomeksi

  1. muovi

  2. vastaanottava

  3. maksukortti, muoviraha

  4. plastinen

  5. muovaava

  1. Substantiivi

  2. muovi

  3. muoviraha, muovi

  4. muovailtava, plastinen

  5. luova

  6. plastinen, mukautuva, muuntautumiskykyinen

  7. plastinen

  8. muovinen, muovi / muovi-

  9. muovinen, muovi / muovi-; keinotekoinen, keino-

  10. falski

plastic englanniksi

  1. A synthetic, solid, hydrocarbon-based polymer, whether thermoplastic or thermosetting.

  2. (quote-journal)| title=Welcome to the plastisphere| passage=Plastics are energy-rich substances, which is why many of them burn so readily. Any organism that could unlock and use that energy would do well in the Anthropocene. Terrestrial bacteria and fungi which can manage this trick are already familiar to experts in the field. Dr Mincer and Dr Amaral-Zettler found evidence of them on their marine plastic, too.

  3. card|Credit or cards used in place of cash to buy goods and services.

  4. (quote-book)| year=2008| passage=It's all about fast cars and cussing each other / but it doesn't matter cause I'm packing plastic / and that's what makes my life so fucking fantastic.

  5. insincerity; fakeness, or a person who is fake or arrogant, or believes that they are better than the rest of the population.

  6. (quote-book)''|page=|author=(w), (w)|year=2004|passage=Cady: You know I couldn't invite you. I had to pretend to be plastic.Janis: Hey, buddy, you're not pretending anymore. You're plastic. Cold, shiny, hard plastic.

  7. (quote-book)'' |author=(w)| year=2011| passage=Tessa: Pretty ironic that a box full of rubbers landed me to a town full of plastic.

  8. An instance of surgery.

  9. 1951, Arnold Hano, ''The Big Out'' (page 146)

  10. Somebody's had a plastic done on his nose, I think, or else somebody bent it out of shape since I last saw it.
  11. A sculptor, moulder.

  12. Any solid but malleable substance.

  13. Capable of being moulded; malleable, flexible, pliant. (defdate)

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  15. (RQ:Fielding Tom Jone)'', Folio Society 1973, page 103:

  16. (quote) betook itself at last to certain missile weapons; which, though from their plastic nature they threatened neither the loss of life or of limb, were, however, sufficiently dreadful to a well-dressed lady.
  17. 1898, ''Journal of Microscopy'' (page 256)

  18. Plastic mud, brownish tinted, rich in floatings.
  19. (quote-book)

  20. 2012, Adam Zeman, ‘Only Connect’, ''Literary Review'', issue 399:

  21. while the broad pattern of connections between brain regions is similar in every healthy human brain, their details – their number, size and strength – are thought to underpin our individuality, as synapses are ‘plastic’, shaped by experience.
  22. Producing tissue. (defdate)

  23. Creative, formative. (defdate)

  24. (RQ:Prior Solomo)

  25. Benign Creator! let thy plastic hand dispose its own effect
  26. (RQ:Pope Essay on Man)

  27. Capable of adapting to varying conditions; characterized by environmental adaptability. (defdate)

  28. Of or pertaining to the inelastic, non-brittle, deformation of a material. (defdate)

  29. Made of plastic. (defdate)

  30. (quote-book)| title=(w)| chapter=Foreword| url=| passage=A canister of flour from the kitchen had been thrown at the looking-glass and lay like trampled snow over the remains of a decent blue suit with the lining ripped out which lay on top of the ruin of a plastic wardrobe.

  31. (quote-song)

  32. Inferior or not the real thing. (defdate)

  33. fake; insincere.

  34. (quote-song)|album=Pieces of a Man|passage=Plastic people with plastic minds / Are on their way to plastic homes

  35. (quote-book)| year=2009| passage=We're plastic but we'll still have fun!

  36. plastic

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  39. explosive

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