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lax englannista suomeksi

  1. löyhä

  2. väljä

  3. höllä

  4. löysä

  1. löysä, höllä, väljä

  2. löysä

  3. holtiton, huolimaton, piittaamaton, leväperäinen

  4. Substantiivi

lax englanniksi

  1. A salmon.

  2. Lenient and allowing for deviation; not strict.

  3. ''The rules are fairly lax, but you have to know which ones you can bend.''

  4. (rfdatek)

  5. Society at that epoch was lenient, if not lax, in matters of the passions.
  6. Loose; not tight or taut.

  7. ''The rope fell lax.''

    the flesh of that sort of fish being lax and spongy
  8. Lacking care; neglectful, negligent.

  9. (quote-journal)

  10. Having a looseness of the bowels; diarrheal.

  11. Describing an associative monoidal functor.

  12. (lbl) Lacrosse.

  13. 2010, Kate Kingsley, ''Pretty on the Outside'' (page 79)

  14. “I'm not playing lax this term,” Mimah said.
  15. The edible purslane plant.

  16. (l)

  17. easy, loose

  18. salmon

  19. deception, fraud

  20. a bill with nominal value 1000 kronor ''or'' the corresponding amount of money

  21. (syn)