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invert englannista suomeksi

  1. kääntää päinvastaiseksi

  2. invertoida, kääntää

  3. kääntää nurin

  1. kääntää (ylösalaisin)

invert englanniksi

  1. To turn (something) down or out; to place in a contrary order or direction.

  2. ''to invert a cup, the order of words, rules of justice, etc.''

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  5. Such reasoning falls like an inverted cone, / Wanting its proper base to stand upon.
  6. To move (the root note of a chord) up or down an octave, resulting in a change in pitch.

  7. To undergo inversion, as sugar.

  8. To divert; to convert to a wrong use.

  9. (rfquotek)

  10. To turn (the foot) inwards.

  11. A homosexual.

  12. *1897, W. Havelock Ellis, ''Sexual Inversion'', p. 202:

  13. We can seldom, therefore, congratulate ourselves on the success of any "cure" of inversion. The success is unlikely to be either permanent or complete, in the case of a decided invert; and in the most successful cases we have simply put into the invert's hands a power of reproduction which it is undesirable he should possess.
  14. An inverted arch (as in a sewer). *

  15. The base of a tunnel on which the road or railway may be laid and used when construction is through unstable ground. It may be flat or form a continuous curve with the tunnel arch. invert (in'‑vert) The floor or bottom of the internal cross section of a closed conduit, such as an aqueduct, tunnel, or drain - The term originally referred to the inverted arch used to form the bottom of a masonry‑lined sewer or tunnel (Jackson, 1997) Wilson, W.E., Moore, J.E., (2003) ''Glossary of Hydrology,'' Berlin: Springer

  16. The lowest point inside a pipe at a certain point.

  17. An elevation of a pipe at a certain point along the pipe.

  18. A skateboarding trick where the skater grabs the board and plants a hand on the coping so as to balance upside-down on the lip of a ramp.

  19. Subjected to the process of inversion; inverted; converted.

  20. ''invert sugar''

  21. An invertebrate.