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incompatible englannista suomeksi

  1. sopimaton

  2. ristiriitainen

  3. yhteensopimaton

  4. eroava

  5. sekoittumaton

  1. yhteensovittamaton, yhteensopimaton

  2. Substantiivi

incompatible englanniksi

  1. Of two things: that cannot coexist; not congruous because of differences; unable to function together due to dissimilarities.

  2. (ux)

  3. (RQ:Federalist)

  4. Courts of equity are in many instances so nice and intricate, that they are incompatible with the genius of trials by jury.
  5. *(quote-journal)

  6. (syn)

  7. Incapable of being together without mutual reaction or decomposition, as certain medicines.

  8. An incompatible substance; one of a group of things that cannot be placed or used together because of a change of chemical composition or opposing medicinal qualities.

  9. ''the incompatibles of iron''

  10. A consequent of a contrary.

  11. 2004, Boethius's ''In Ciceronis Topica'', translated by (w)

  12. Incompatibles are consequents of contraries. For example, sleeping and waking are contraries, and snoring is associated with sleepers. So snoring and waking are incompatibles.
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  14. (ant)

  15. incompatible