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  1. kahva

  1. Substantiivi

  2. kahva

  3. Verbi

hilt englanniksi

  1. The handle of a sword, consisting of grip, guard, and pommel, designed to facilitate use of the blade and afford protection to the hand.

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  4. A partial tang does not extend all the way through the hilt and is normally not more than half the width of the blade. The length of the tang and the width, particularly where it narrows before entering the pommel, vary from sword to sword.
  5. The base of the penis.

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  7. To provide with a hilt.

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  9. To insert (a bodily extremity) as far as it can go into a sexual orifice so that it is impeded by the wider base to which it is attached (finger until palm, penis until pelvis).

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  11. his fingers hilted inside
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  13. He hilted himself inside her.
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