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friendly englannista suomeksi

  1. -ystävällinen

  2. ystävällismielinen

  3. omat joukot, ystävällismieliset joukot

  4. ystävällinen

  5. oma

  1. ystävällinen

  2. ystävällismielinen

  3. oma

  4. ystävällinen / ystävällisesti

friendly englanniksi

  1. Generally warm, approachable and easy to relate with in character.

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  4. Inviting, characteristic of friendliness.

  5. Having an easy or accepting relationship with something.

  6. {{quote-journal|en|date=October 22, 2016|author=Rami G Khouri|title=Lebanese oligarchy preserves its interests once again

  7. Compatible with, or not damaging to (the compounded noun).

  8. (quote-book)|isbn=978-1-84836-433-2|page=147–148|passage=An offbeat pizza restaurant, which also serves pasta and salads, and bills itself as low-fat and heart-friendly. Has over forty different designer pizza toppings, such as smoked salmon, sour cream and caviar.

  9. Without any hostility.

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  11. Promoting the good of any person; favourable; propitious.

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  13. Of or pertaining to friendlies (''friendly'' noun sense 2, below). Also applied to other bipolar confrontations, such as team sports

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  15. Being or relating to two or more numbers with a common abundancy.

  16. A game which is of no consequence in terms of ranking, betting etc.

  17. (quote-web)

  18. A person or entity on the same side in a conflict.

  19. (quote-book)|passage=These were speedily routed by the friendlies, who attacked the small force before them in fine style.|title=The Downfall of the Dervishes|year=1898

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  22. In a friendly manner, like a friend.

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  24. (quote-text)|title=Pseudodoxia Epidemica|passage=And we cannot doubt, our Brothers in Physick ... will friendly accept, if not countenance our endeavours.