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feedback englannista suomeksi

  1. palaute

  2. takaisinkytkentä

  1. Substantiivi

  2. palaute

  3. takaisinkytkentä, takaisinsyöttö, palaute

  4. kierto

  5. Verbi

feedback englanniksi

  1. Critical assessment of a process or activity or of their results.

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  3. The part of an output signal that is looped back into the input to control or modify a system.

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  5. The fact that similar cortical abnormalities can be experimentally induced in monkeys has allowed Michael Merzenich and his colleagues in San Francisco to explore an animal model of focal dystonia, and to demonstrate the abnormal feedback in the sensory loop and the motor misfirings that, once started, grow relentlessly worse.
  6. The high-pitched howling noise heard when there is a loop between a microphone and a speaker.

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  8. To generate the high-frequency sound by allowing a speaker to cause vibration of the sound generator of a musical instrument connected by an amplifier to the speaker.

  9. To provide informational feedback to.

  10. To convey by means of specialized communications channel.

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